Web design and development is like any service industry. It can be as hands off as a commodity, or as engaging as an intimate relationship. I usually shoot for something in between.

What I Do

I design and develop for the web. I help small businesses (usually local) get simple portfolio style websites up and running. Quickly.
Depending on client needs, I develop in Html or WordPress.


Who I Am

I have a full time job doing restaurant design at a local architecture firm. I freelance my web design and development. Freelancing allows me to work with great clients on fun projects. My full time job allows me to keep my fees down.


Past and present work

Below are some projects that I've worked on. Some complete, some still in progress. With a background in architecture, and a wife that does residential remodeling, I tend to rub elbows with local architects and general contractors. But I welcome all projects.

Give me a shout

I'm always looking for great clients and fun projects to work on.

Adam Eggert

Located in South Minneapolis, MN

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Call Me 612.226.6516